Do you desire to go deeper in your faith and in relationships at IBC? Or are you still exploring who Jesus is and want a more informal and personal environment to do so? We at IBC believe home groups are a great place to acheive those goals. What better way to get to know and be known by others than to gather on a regular basis in smaller groups where a more in depth exchange can take place.

Home Groups are a mixture of age, gender, race and nationality. We are an international church and we celebrate our diversity because it demonstrates the power of the gospel as a basis for unity (Galatians 3:28). Our groups are usually a collection of people who live in close proximity to one another. This makes it easier for our groups to get together and reach out to the community around them.

If you are still unconvinced of the truth of the claims of Christianity but have an openness to exploring these claims in a smaller group setting, we invite you to join in. There is no better place to see what we believe in action (John 13:35).

What to Expect –
The groups meet for about 2 hours and spend time catching up over coffee, snacks, or maybe a meal. There is time spent studying the bible facilitated by a leader, and then some time spent praying for one another.

If you would like to join a Home Group, or just want more information about them, please contact Ross –