James Arnold - IBC St. Paul & IBC Nice

James is the pastor for the church in Nice and St Paul. James and his wife Jen with their five kids moved to the Côte d’Azur in 2008 and if you are in the neighborhood (Nice or Saint Paul) they would love to meet you and welcome you into the area. They have come from Denton, Texas where James was the Missions Pastor at Denton Bible Church for 15 years and also the teaching Pastor at Grace Bible Church, one of the nearby church plants in Sanger Texas.

You can contact James directly:

+33 (0) 6 64 96 94 22

Or the church offices:


Christian - IBC Nice

As one of the worship leaders in Nice, he is passionate about leading others to express their praise and adoration to the Lord through worship songs.


Peter Anderson - IBC St. Paul

Peter and his wife Helen came to the Côte d'Azur in 2002 to serve as chaplain at Holy Trinity in Cannes.  After 7 years of service they retired to Pont du Loup.  Before moving to France, Peter served as vicar for 21 years in two very poor areas in the north of England. He was also a part time prison chaplain during those years. Later, he served 7 years as rector in Cobh, near Cork, S. Ireland - the last port of call by the Titanic before it sank! He is passionate about the local church and the wider Christian church.

Patrick Vuillaume - IBC St. Paul

Patrick was born and raised in Vence, just down the road from St. Paul. He and his wife Shirley have been involved in IBC St. Paul since 2003. Patrick is an electrician but on any given Sunday you will find him at the sound mixer making sure we an all hear the Pastor and the worship team.  He's also passionate about visually sharing the life of the church through photos and his blog.  No one knows the inner workings of our facility better than Patrick; he has a servants heart when it comes to sorting out issues that can arise.